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Мужиза / Mo'jiza (турк кино, узбек тилида)
27.02.2018, 23:37
A school teacher Mahir Ögretmen who lives in a seaside city of turkey in the 1960's got transferred to a remote village. He had to leave against the wishes of his wife and two daughters. He had to take a very long journey by bus which stops long before his destination, which is two mountains away from the village since the government didn’t make any road further. After taking a walk through the mountains he reached the village, which is more likely to be a settlement than a village. People of the village sneak up on him with guns, and when they get to know his identity, they would let him know that they have no school in the village. The children of the village are forever destined to illiteracy as the teacher thinks he is not up to the task.
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